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Monday, December 27, 2010

Dear Familia y amigos!!

So as you can tell by the time I am writing we don´t have much time, so I dont have time to write back personally, but I would like to write something to everyone!!

What a great week it was to talk to my wondeful family. Their lives are a constant strength to me, and each and everyone of them are angels to me guiding me on my way! It was great to hear their experiences and struggles and share some of my thoughts and feelings about my mission thus far!! As a new missionary in a foreign country, and anyone else who has had that experience, knows its pretty tough sometimes, not going to lie, but there is always support. I cannot adaquately express my gratitude in words for the most amazing family in the world! Also for those friends and acquaintances who stand by and respect me, and I feel an outpouring of blessings from all those who sustain my call as a missionary, even if they do not fully understand the reasons for my serving.

As we grow there are always people we can turn to, and I have the most amazing blessing to have a strong family, but not everyone is as blessed as that. That is something I have learned in my mission. I have amazing friends, but some are not blessed with such an abundance as I have. Sometimes I think about how blessed I am and why that is so, and why others seem so deprived of those things I hold so dear and love with all my heart. The mission is an interesting journey. It takes you literally away from the comfort and support of the personal presence of family and friends, and puts you with a companion you didn´t choose, and a mission that wasn´t your choice. (Although I love and am grateful for those two too!!!) I thank my Heavenly Father everyday that he knows me better than I know myself, becuase he has given me the opportunity to totally rely on him as I struggle through, at times. Something I have learned is that those who are not blessed with the family and friends that I have, still have the blessings of the ultimate comfort, the ultimate friend, even their Heavenly Father, the literal Father of their spirits. At times we rely on others so much that when we are taken out of the personal presence and comfort of those we love, we shrink and know not where to turn. But, God is the Eternal One, he will never leave us comfortless or forsake us. If we are living worthy of His Spirit we can feel His influence molding us, and upholding us, and guiding us to the strait and narrow path. What a blessing a loving Heavenly Father is, even to those who have received different blessings than I. God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and will make His abode with them, if they only but come unto Him through His beloved Son Jesus Christ, the Great Mediator. I have learned and am still learning to put my trust and confidence totally in God, and not lean on my own understanding. There is the secret of the mission. We learn to rely on the Eternal Father of us all, and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ, with all our hearts, might, mind and strength, and we learn to follow His Spirit to help others feel the same hope and happiness that we have! And when we rely and trust in Him we will never fail, and no matter what will happen in this life, we will be built on the Rock of our Redeemer, and when the hard times come, we will stand firm in the faith, even until the sitting down with God in His Eternal throne (Rev 3;21) I am grateful for the blessings of adversity, and the happiness and shaping of character that it brings all who go through it, with a steadfastness in Christ!

I love you all I am doing fantastic, and will get more personal emails out next P-day!! Keep it up and know that I am ;)

Elder Passantino

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