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Monday, March 21, 2011

Thanks for the Package :)

Dear Family and Friends,

First off thanks to my awesome family for the package that I received!!! I needed all that stuff and loved the Messi Jersey!! I wore it today and they really think that I am Argetine now! Also thanks to Aunt Heidi and Grammy for their packages as well :) It was so awesome to get all that stuff and feel all that love. Thanks to all those who have sent me letters, prayed for me, or had me in their thoughts as well, I can´t thank you enough. I have the greatest family and friends in the world!!!

So this week was a pretty good week. I went on divisions (or I went with another Elder in a different area to my area for a day) with an ELder named Elder Hancock!! I learned a lot from him. He is my District Leader and is a great missionary. That is one of the most amazing things about the mission; you can learn profound truths from everyone. It is nice to have friends that are good mature Elders as a guide to what I want to become. We had a fun time together as well. This week I met an Evangelical Pastor and his family was from Palermo, Sicilia. That was way cool because he knew where Santa Flavia was (where some of my ancestors are from) and his daughter is living there in Palermo with her husband who is American. It´s a small world isn´t it???

This week we met some great people named Fabricio and Florencia. They invited Elder Crossa and myself to an Asado this Wednesday!!! Haha. Finally my first one in Argentina! All the other Elders are surprised that I haven´t had one yet. Bascially its a huge BBQ with all parts of the cow so I am way excited about that :) They always brag about having the best meat in the world, so I guess now I will find out!

There are some really awesome people in the ward down here in Rawson so that is great! I am really learning to love and serve the people. Something that I have learned here on the mission is putting into practice the true doctrine and principals we know. Sometime we can know what the scriptures say and know the doctrine by heart, but it doesn´t become a help to us unless we do it. Such as the Savior´s teachings on the Sermon on the Mount. When we try to do what he actually says we will feel a spiritual change in our hearts and will be able to overcome all trials. I am so greatful that I am here serving the Lord :) I love you with all my heart. Sorry these last couple weeks haven´t been too eventful, but I will keep you all posted! Tell Shaun Fogleman he needs to email me the second he finds out where he is going on his mission !!!!

Elder Passantino

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