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Monday, April 11, 2011

Transfers Today!

Hey Guys!

Well I find out about transfers today, whether I am staying or leaving and if I will keep my companion or not. I am excited to find out, but have a feeling that there won't be any changes this transfer. I figure I could tell you all some funny things about here in Argentina and I'm sure some other South American countries. There is one thing that we see all the time, which is cars/trucks with huge speakers that drive really slow and shout out sales and advertisements and stuff. I'm pretty sure it would be considered disturbing the peace in the U.S. haha. Sometimes there are little crop planes that do the same thing, they fly over the towns real slowly and have speakers haha. Instead of donuts here they have facturas which are like a good pastry and sort of similar to donuts but quite a bit different too. We have a show store next to where we live that sells all the "top" brands such as adiBas, puWas, and NiQues.. haha good old rip off stuff. They call things fake here "trucho" which really means trout but thats the word they use. Something about their culture that is different than ours is that lots of times they talk about (like bad or say whatever) people when they are in the same room. That was really weird to me at first and still sort of is. But you gotta love it right!

We are working hard here in Rawson and trying to do whatever we can. Lately we have just seen a lot of people with little or no hope. Lots of times as missionaries we are those who try to comfort others in their difficulties and be the people that actually listen. Its hard at times but satisfying when you can help others. Thats what the Savior would do. Well I don't have much to report on this week, but I want you to know that I have a testimony and that I love you all. The work goes on :)

Elder Passantino

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