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Monday, October 24, 2011

What's Up?

Dear Family and Friends,

Well the elections are over here in Argentina and the Presidenta won again, Cristina. Oh man I am so glad they are over because there were cars driving around everywhere with huge speakers and "catchy" songs blasting to get votes for their intendents. It's illegal not to vote here so they put posters and signs everywhere and have cars and AIRPLANES go around blasting who you should vote for. They do that because all the people who aren't really informed have to vote anyway so they vote for whoever they hear from the most.... nice huh?

Oh Argentina the land of the turquoise flag I love it! Well three people were baptized this weekend! Woo Hoo. Two of the children of Igor were baptized, Jorge and Maria Alejandra and the mom of Cristina, Lidia Ester! They were all so ready and it was a beautiful baptismal experience. It was funny because at first Cristina(a recent convert of about two months) was nervouse of how her mom would react to the message. She didn't know if she would feel the same power of it the way she did. But, she did. Lidia Ester had a serious of powerful spiritual experiences that led her to believe of the truthfulness of the work! As she was baptized she cried as she "went up straightway out of the water." She was touched by the Spirit which confirmed to her of the covenant of faith she had just made to God our Eternal Father and the Savior Jesus Christ.

We are seeing miracle after miracle here and the field really is white already to harvest (D&C4). There are many more baptisms to come in the coming weeks and lives are being changed. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity and for the chances I am having of being an active agent in the work of the Lord. Have a great week I love and pray for you all!!!

Elder Passantino

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