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Monday, November 7, 2011

Off to San Juan again!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well it looks like I am off to the province of San Juan again! I'm going to the Chimbas(pronounced cheembas) zone and my area is called Retiro. I'm going to miss Mendoza and my area, Luja de Cuyo a lot because I love the people in here so much. I have never had seen so many miracles in an area or come to love the people so much! Elder Evans was a great companion and my new companion will be Elder Barton from Oregon and it will be his last transfer. He is a really great Elder as well so I am really excited for that! The area is one of the biggest and most funcioning wards in our mission. At least 200 hundred people go a week to church. It is known in the mission as a very "fruitful" place. The only bummer is that yesterday is was 44 degrees celcius which is about 111 degress faraheit yesterday. It is so hot in San Jaun... but I am still so excited to go back there :) Remember we will be entering summer here in December so that will be interesting.

It has been a week of goodbyes and everything here and its hard to sat goodbye to some of the people. I have realized that Spiritual experiences really bring people closer together and make strong bonds. Some of the best people I have ever met are here in Lujas. Well some of our converts invited us over for lunch today to have noquis(which I learned how to make). It is like pasta made out of potatoes its really good! Im doing really well and hope everyone else is doing well!

Elder Passantino

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