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Monday, February 13, 2012

Tough Week!

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week was pretty tough. Lots of things didn´t really go as planned and we got a little bummed about it, but we are still doing great. My companion taught me that basically there are two types of trials. 1) Trials caused by our disobedience and are hence consequences of poor decisions, or 2) Just part of life to try and teach of something, which can also be the cause of another person´s poor decisions that have affected us as well. Life isn´t fair and it was never meant to be. It is meant to be accomplished and overcome.
The ´´unfair´´ times in our lives give us an opportunity to see how we will react. If we react correctly we grow and vice versa. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who gives us a vision and helps us accomplish our ultimate goal.

This last week some recent converts showed us a news article in the paper here about ´´Mitt Romney´´ entitled, ´´Mormon to the White House.´´ It said almost little to nothing about him but mostly attacked the Church with half truths, deception, and quotes from untrustworthy sources. Its nothing new. As the church continues to be thrown in the spotlight the opposition will continue to grow and rumors or exaggerated ´´truths´´ will be spread as wildfire. It doesn´t bother me but gives me a greater testimony of the truthfulness of the work. If it weren´t true there wouldn´t hardely be any opposition be Satan just wouldn´t care that much. But just as the weightlifter grows by having muscle torn down and is under constant opposition from the weight, the Church will grow stronger and stronger until it fulfills the prophesy in Daniel 2:44-45)

In the days where its hard, where the sweat freely flows, where sleep catches up to me, when we are rudely rejected, the thing that keeps me through is an emblazened testimony of this work. I have had too many testimonies of the truthfulness of it to deny it. God himself has made it know unto me and I cannot deny it. It gives me hope, gives me purpose, and has been confirmed day after day. It brings greater joy and happiness that can be found anywhere else. I love you all have a great week!

Elder Passantino

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