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Monday, March 19, 2012

What a road trip!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well I took the 8 hour trip to Alvear in the South of Mendoza, but there were a few more road bumps than I thought... What happens with our documents, is we just keep them in the mission offices because its better if they are there than if someone robs them. SO as we were traveling the military entered the bus asking for documentation and I gave then like a photocopy of my visa and passport. They weren´t too happy about that so they took me off the bus and interrogated me for a while. One of them went off about the U.S. laws and how strict they were about immigration laws. It was kinda of funny. I reassured them that I was legal and explained to them the situation. They then explained how they could throw me in jail and a bunch of stuff trying to scare me but I already knew from the beginning they were going to let me go. In the end they did. I was completely calm the whole time. Haha my first solo trip in Argentina. Im totally fine and nothing would have happened so dont anyone go and get worried!

Its a safe and happy town here. The perfect word is quaint(if thats how you spell it). The people are kind and generous. We are a little isolated from the rest of the mission but its nice. There are people here prepared to listen and follow the Gospel. I am so grateful for the impressions and whisperings of the Spirit. I am learning how to listen and give heed to them. It has blessed me exceedingly. I am praying for everyone and your welfare! Have a great week!

Elder Passantino

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