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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear Familia y amigos,

Dear Familia y amigos,

Well the first week with the new companion was way good!!! He is way funny and teaches and acts totally the opposite of Elder Morinico did. He is from Sandy, Ut and is 21 yrs old. I"ll send a pic of us soon, but people call him Will Ferell with a mix of Paul Walker haha. The girls down here in Argentina love guys like him, so we gotta be careful ;) He does things so funny like we will go up to people and offer our help sometimes, and they will say, No,I'm not interested before they ever take into account what he says. So when they do that he is like, well I just wanted to give you some American money and then he gives them some U.S. pennies or something, and then they realize how mean they were being and they start laughing or something. It's pretty funny being with him sometimes. He also wears like a Cowboy hat a lot to keep the sun off his neck, so he certainly stands out in a crowd!!! Anyway it has been way fun with him and we are really ready to keep the work up in Rodeo de la Cruz and help more souls come unto Christ.

Sorry that I am emailing a day late, but we had a zone conference yesterday and they switched our Preparation day to today. Zone Conference was soooooo amazing!!! It got me so excited to get out there and work as hard as I possibly can.Our Mission President (The man who presides over our Mission here in Mendoza ( 200 missionaries)) President Lindahl is truly a man of God! I know that without a doubt. He knows exactly what is going on its so crazy. He speaks with the power of the Spirit and just has the words given him to say. It was just what I needed to recharge my batteries and go out and work!!!! Lots of the things he talked about is the potential and power we have to do and bring to pass miracles according to the will of the Lord. He talked about the amazing promise the Lord gives in D & C 84:84 and how we should expect to see and feel those types of things. He talked a lot about doing our exercises and staying in good physical shape and obviously spiritually strong. I can't tell you how strong I felt the spirit as he spoke. It was truly an incredible experience and helped me a little more understand my purpose and how happy and satisfying it is to help people come unto their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Sister Lindahl talked about Lot's wife and how she looked back and couldn't let go of all the things in the past which she had loved so much (worldy things). It really applies to us missionaries because we give up the world for the sake of Christ, and the more we focus on Him and His will we gain His trust and he gives us an increase of the Spirit to bring to pass his Will. I can't adaquately express my gratitude for being a missionary and being a representante of Jesus Christ. It is a daily delight to testify of Him and His restored Gospel.

I don't have too much time this week but, I want to bear my testimony of the truthfulness of the work that I know it is true. I know I am in the right place at the right time, and that I am here to help people recognize and come unto their Savior and God. I love you all so much and I hope all is well!!!

Elder Passantino

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