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Monday, January 31, 2011

Keeping on in Argentina!

Happy Birthday to my angel Mom! I hope you know that I am working my hardest, and knowing you that is probably the greatest birthday present that you would ask for. You showed and taught me how to love others and that fame, and material things just really aren’t that important. I am using the skills you gave me to preach the true Gospel in love and truth. And thank you for that Wonderful and Spirit filled e-mail Dad. I am so grateful that I have a stalwart Priesthood holder Father who has an unwavering testimony of the truth to be my best friend and guide!! I miss you dearly right now Dad. It’s been a good but difficult week. I have had a lot on my mind this week, lots about the Spirit and how to keep it with me always. Your email hit me right on when you talked about how you wanted to keep it with you always!! That is how I am right now, and I am struggling to do so. As a missionary Satan puts so many little things in the way to detract from the Spirit. Down here in Argentina there is pornography on the television and on all the magazine stands. The country is dying in immorality and it really saddens me. The language is getting better and better, but I am still trying to find an effective way to study.

We are working with all of those five people Mom and we are almost a hundred percent sure that they will all be baptized this Month (Feb)!!! It is such a miracle from God. Sofia, who is the mother of Denise, accepted the same baptismal date as Denise which is the 12th. She cried as we extended the invitation to follow in the Saviors footsteps and bore testimony to us that she knew what we were saying was true. Denise, 13yrs old, took the initiative to read the Book of Mormon by herself and she literally explained to us the story of the tree of life in all its aspects. It was a phenomenal and Spirit filled experience. She is so ready and bore to us her testimony of the truthfulness of these things. She said she prayed and felt something different and felt a peace come over her. The rest of their family are members too so we are completing a family! I am so happy for that, and this Wednesday we are planning on setting 3 baptismal dates with Fiorella, Barbara, and Giuliana. They are the only nonmembers in their family too and they have a way strong desire to get baptized. If all goes to plan, and we follow the Spirit, we have a guaranteed 5 baptisms in the month of February which would be amazing!! It is very good for the mission and I am full of joy over it :) I´m trying so hard Daddy, I feel like Moses felt when he said, ´´I now know that man is nothing, which thing I had never supposed.´´ I feel in the depths of humility and can only go on with the help of the Lord. I hope you know that I am working my hardest. This Gospel is sooo true and I know it through the power of the Holy Ghost!!!!!! I am seeing miracles! Thank you for your love and prayers!
Elder Brian Passantino

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