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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crazy Changes!

Wow sounds like a ton of things have been going on at home, but I am so happy for everyone and am praying my heart for all of you!! I know that God is in charge and is watching over you all :)

Well I found out about some crazy changes this week. Today we found out about transfers and so many things changed. Some of the Elders I admired and looked up to the most are leaving and this is now officially the last transfer of President Lindahl. Some of these stalwart and faithful Elders were, Elder Brown from Mesa Arizona (he taught me a lot about setting goals and having fun), Elder Sorenson, a star QB in high school who served with all he had and taught me about serving and focusing on the work. Elder Mark Lucas, from Austin Texas, was one of my favorite ELders who studied hard, perfected spanish, and made everyone happy around him. The mission world is changing drastically and some of my heroes are leaving and setting their mark. A common thread ran through all of these Elders. They loved the Lord with all their heart might mind and strength; they had a happy and jovial countenance, and strived to do their best through whatever trials came. I will miss them but I have learned so much from their examples and work ethic. This mission is the greatest thing in my life.

Today. I found that out that I will be receiving a new companion and that Elder Austin will be off to the Province of San Luis. My companion will be an ex assistant whom I have the upmost respect for. He works hard and smart and uses obedience as a tool to stem the tide of challenges. The District that I had will be changing drastically as well. Elder Austin will be a District Leader in San Luis, Elder Passey will be a District Leader in my old area Rodeo de la Cruz, and Elder Allen with become a Zone Leader in Godoy Cruz. I was so blessed with the opportunity to be friends with and associated with so many amazing Elders. They were all amazing leaders!! I am excited to continue as District Leader and learn more and more and become closer to the Savior. The more I am here the more I realize that life necessarily goes on and that is how it is supposed to be. It´s sad to see people you love go, but I cannot adequately describe my gratitude for the Eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is so perfect and gives of the relief that through faithfulness to the Gospel plan we will all live together again in our families in Eternal Happiness and will have time in the future to enjoy each others company again. How glorious is the Gospel!!!

I am so excited for this next transfer!! We have a baptism this weekend for a women named Estella who we helped quite smoking. She hasn´t been doing the best health wise, but she has a firm testimony and a love for the truth. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord and am not taking it for granted! I miss and love you all!! ¡Aguante Argentina!!!

Elder Passantino

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