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Monday, June 13, 2011

Hey Fam and Friends

How is everyone doing this week?? I am glad to hear that things are going well!! This week has been really good. We had an area conference for all of Argentina this week so that was really cool! It was a transmission from Salt Lake and Elder Civic from the Seventy spoke as well as Elder Anderson and President Packer. It was a great conference and the Spirit was definitely there. It was for the saints in Argentina so it was specific for them, but they talked a lot about getting a emergency backpack ready and about being prepared for what is coming! Supposedly President Monson has sent three of the same letters to all of the Stake Presidents in Argentina telling the Saints to prepare a 72 hour backpack, which we are also doing as a mission. It´s always good to be prepared right? :) I know that whatever happens if we are prepared we shall not fear.

I am still learning so much and enjoying every minute of my time out here in Argentina! I guess I didn´t get to explain the whole pig killing thing we did. It´s called a carnerĂ­a and it´s basically where the whole family gets together and kills and prepares a pig. They kill it and bleed it out, making morsilla or blood sausage, and then they take it´s insides out and hang that up over night. The next day they prepare all of the rest of the meat as a family. They love it because their whole family and all their close friends get together and help prepare a pig and food for a lot of people. Its a tradition that they have similar to what we would do for Thanksgiving, it´s pretty cool haha :) Well we are doing really great here and I love you all. I know the Gospel is true and that the work in which I am engaged is the work of the Lord!

ELder Brian Passantino

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