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Sunday, June 12, 2011

We stopped a robbery this week...

Hola from San Juan Family and Friends,

It's been another week full of happiness here in San Juan. I have been seeing a lot of miracles here with Elder Hopkin and I am learning and growing so much! This week we had a pretty crazy experience... We planned for the morning and then executed the plan so things were going well. As we were walking down a street I saw off in the Distance two people struggling, or sort of fighting. I said, "what the hec," and we ran over there. It was an older lady and a man about 30 years old. The man was trying to get away on his motocycle and the lady said she was robbing him. My companion grabbed the guy and threw him around a little as the man threw the money on the ground acting like there was nothing wrong. You should have seen his eyes when Elder Hopkin grabbed him, haha oh man he looked pretty scared. Anyways the lady told us to let him go and then he sped off on his bike. Apparently, this man was going around selling containers of honey, and asked the lady if she wanted to buy some. SHe, being nice, said she would, but only had a hundred peso bill to give him. He told her he had change, and so she gave it to him and he started heading off fast. She had the instinct to grab him and hold on to him without letting him get on his bike. That is when we came running along, as he was hitting her off of him so he could get away. She was so happy that we came. She said I felt as I saw you two as if God had sent two of his angels to come and protect me. It was a little scary but we felt protected and felt blessed that we could help protect one of God's daughters from harm. She was pretty shaken up, but couldn't thank us enough. It is interesting how God uses us to bring to pass good things :)

Elder Hopkin and I have been working very hard and diligently to try to bring to pass the work here in Rawson. We have had so much success especially as we have worked with the members and especially the Bishop. The Bishop in the ward here is a lot of fun, but is an incredible worker and can really bring the spirit in the lessons. We are seeing lives change here and I couldn't be happier. We are working with a young couple living together and helping them prepare and get married soon. It is incredible the change you can see in someone in such a small amount of time. Their names are Ariel and Carolina and they are great. I really love the people here and have a strong spiritual conviction of the truthfulness of the work in which I am engaged. My spanish continues to improve and I feel more and more confident. I love you all and wish you all the best :)

Elder Brian Passantino

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