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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hola from Mendoza!

Well another phenominal week has come and gone and we have been seeing so many miracles. We had some crazy things happen this week that gave us a little scare but it is incredible how the Lord watches over us.

Last week while we were walking down a street we had an impression to knock on the door of a less active member of the church. Her son came out and told us to pass by on Saturday morning. We wrote down the name of the son and forgot about it. As we were planning for Saturday morning we just couldn´t remember who this name was. We made our plans and everything and were ready and as we kneeled down to pray before we went out in the morning, we remembered who the family was so we changed plans to swing by the house first thing. When we went by, the son came out and said to come back later. We were there for only a couple seconds and then started to go to our other appointment. As were walking towards where we needed to go we heard an alarm going off in a store(even though we hear that a lot) and saw a man getting on his bike and leaving the store. I got a bad feeling about him but kept walking with my companion. As we walked by the store I looked in and saw a woman tied up hands and feet with a cord. She was yelling for help. We went in there to help (after we freaked out a little bit) and my comp took his pen out and cut the cords off. We then called the police and everything got worked out. I guess it was the second time he had robbed her in five months and this time he hit her and he had a pistol. It was really scarey but we were grateful that nothing worse than that happened. As we thought about it a little more we realized that if we wouldn´t have gone by the family then we would have been walking by when the whole thing was happening and that could have been bad. Who knows what would have happened but we have a testimony that God watches over us and give us spiritual promptings when we need them!

Another crazy thing as that this family we passed by really needed some help and we were able to help the family(later on that day) come closer to Christ and get through some hard times. Three members of the family have made the decision to be baptized the 3rd of September!! How cool is that huh?? They really are amazing! We also found another young married couple that is just incredible! They are so prepared and willing to ask God about the things we teach. They prayed to God and received an answer through the Holy Ghost that these things are true. They are so prepared for the truth in their lives. It is incredible that the work we do is just to help get the message of the truth out there, the rest is up to them and God :) It makes the work so much simpler. We dont have to do any convincing or anything like that, only share the truth, with our testimony and have them ask God. I cannot describe the miracles that we have been seeing and the joy that I am experiencing. I dont ever want it to end! There is no greater satisfaction than sharing the Gospel plan, with Jesus Christ at the center, and watching the change that comes to their lives :) Argentina is amazing and the mission is better now than it ever has been! We still are getting Anti american stuff every now and then from the people here but we just laugh about it haha. Well I am grateful for your love and support :) Know that I am doing great and I am praying for you all!

Elder Passantino

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