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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hey from the MTC!

Hi Family!! So I only have fifteen minutes to write you today and I printed your emails so I will respond to those later in a personal email :) Wow the first almost week has been pretty crazy! This is definitely the hardest thing I have ever even come close to doing!! The Spanish right now is kicking my butt, especially since our teachers only speak in Spanish, so that has been very difficult. Its getting better though. I'm positive the Lord sent me on a foreign speaking mission because he wanted me to humble myself and know that it was Him who was helping me, and me not doing it on my own! The Spirit is really strong here, but its still very difficult. When it comes to waking up, I am the first one up in my room everyday at 6:20. The Lord has really helped me in that way and has given me adaquate sleep everynight. My companions name is Elder Frost and he is a pretty cool guy. I don't think we would have normally been friends but its nice to know how to deal with people. He is really helpful to me. Oh man my call as a district leader came as a shock!! Its been very humbling, but the Branch Presidency and the District is great! There have been some really hard days so far, missing my amazing family, but I know that my purpose is just and that I will be blessed as I bless the lives of the Argentine people. I know that the Gosepl is true and I have a firm testimony of that, thank heavens! I love my family more than anything I have ever known!! Everyone knows that I have the best family in the world in my district with the best brother and sisters in the world. I can't say enough about how much I love you all! I love receiveing letters and Dear Elders it really strenghens me,keep them coming! Thank you soooo much for the treats and the donuts! I was the favoorriittee Elder on the floor last night! I went to the temple today and that was good but I have a pretty bad cold so pray for me. I will write each of you individual letters so don't worry! Please keep the prayers coming, and I know they are!!! Know that I miss you more than words can describe but that the people that I teach would miss their families in heaven if we weren't there! I love you so much! I am doing great! Thanks for watching Beck, it makes me so happy! Keep the faith, stay strong and know that God is with you! I love you more than anything and I always will!!

Elder Passantino

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