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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hey Week Two!

Hola mi familia!!!

So thank you for all the e-mails I printed them out and I am going to respond to them today :) So this week has been awesome! My companion and I have really bonded this week and it has been great. SO ya like I said the Spirit was so strong this week. Let me give you a quick story. So after we had a whole mission conference this week (only on fast sunday) we had a district meeting, where I was pleased to lead. It was an amazing meeting that was full of the Spirit. I felt like the meeting definitely had a purpose and I felt prompted to share personal stories from my life and other things I hadn't prepared to do. It was on the plan of Salvation and we got into the atonement, I bore my testimony of it and how I knew with all my heart that it was true. After that everyone was putting in their input and The Spirit was very stong! Then a Elder named Elder Munoz told our district of how he had been meeting with the Branch President, District President, and soon MTC President about some sins he had to overcome. He bore testimony of the atonement and told us how much he loved us. It was one of the most powerful experiences I have had with the Spirit in a very long time. After he spoke for about ten minutes the Spirit prompted me to close the meeting with that, and have Elder Brook say the prayer. There was very few dry eyes after the meeting and I gave everyone a hug afterwards. The Spirit was the most intensified I have felt almost in my life. Later, Elder Brook asked me why I asked him to say the prayer. And I told him I was prompted. He told me that he knew he was supposed to give the prayer and that every word he said was given to him by the Spirit. That was an amazing experience for me, that the Lord loved us enough and approved of what we were doing, to litterally change our natures for that time beings, into spiritual giants. It was great :)

Anyways the Spanish has been getting better this week. Its still definitely hard, and I know the only way that I am going to learn it is to rely on the Lord, while doing everything I can! I saw Kayleen twice this week, but yesterday when I saw her she looked horrible, becuase she had been throwing up the past two days and hadn't eaten in 30 hours... It was sad, but her companion looked like a good trooper. I have interviews with all the Elders in my district every Friday and things are going great! We celebrated the Birthday of an Elder this week named Elder Rueda and he expressed his deepest thanks that we remembered and did that for him. It was crazy this weekend we could hear the BYU game from the MTC! How did they do?? Oh and the choir starts today! I cant wait to sing at Priesthood session it will be such an amazing experience and I know I will love it! Look for me! This week has been great though. The Spanish is hard, but since one of our teachers in a native Ecudorean its nice to hear it as fast as a native says it. Oh we got to watch a past talk Elder Holland gave at the MTC in our classroom. It was one of the most powerful talks I have ever heard! You have to look for it it is called the Miracle of a Mission, its amazing! He came for Devo on Tuesday the day before I got here so I just missed him :(... but there is a general authority ever week so I cant wait to see who it is this week. It was Richard G. Hinckley last week. Its also our service to clean up after the Devo on Tues and Sunday.

But ya anyways I love you all so much! I I know that I am servving a mission for the Lord Jesus Christ and am participating in the most important work in the History of the World, the Salvation of a human soul! By the way my sickness is better, but my voice has literally almost been gone for a week now! Thanks for your prayers and fasting on my behalf I can feel it everyday! O how grateful I am for the Gospel and how eager I am to share it with God's children in Argentina! I met some missionaries going to Italy and they are going to look for Passantinos for us so dont worry! I love you all so much! Oh btw dad 2 Nephi 31:20 is now my favorite scripture! I read it everyday during personal study! You will hear from me in a letter soon!! I love you all so much ( with the Pure love of Christ!!!)

Elder Passantino


  1. hye Elder Brian Passantino. well, now that i've reached one week until i join you in the MTC, i'm super stoked. These past few weeks have been a blur, going to the temple, and then i'm going again this saturday, and just trying to get everything together and ready. i never thought i'd be so excited to do something so apparently crazy, but everytime i think about it, i can't help but feel that this is what you and i are here for. i am so grateful for the influence you have in my life. your testimony is inspiring to me and i thank you for that. see you soon brother.
    -(almost) Elder Taylor Bradley

  2. Hi Passantino Family! This is Sister Keables. I'm so excited to read of Elder Passantino's enthusiasm so far! The MTC is a wonderful place! We are so excited for him, and for you too! I'm going to copy and paste this letter in to a Dear Elder message and send it off to Elder Keables in Ecuador! He will LOVE to read Brian's words. :-)