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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hola familia!! How are you all doing?? I hope that you are doing great. Well I have had another fantastic week so that's been awesome! I got released as District Leader on Sunday so that was a little sad, but I was very grateful for the opportunity to serve those wonderful Elders, and I still can just in other capacities. We had another excellent Sunday with a great devotional. It's cool because we get to watch in class sometimes devotionals that were given at the MTC in the past by the quorum of the tweleve and such! We have seen ones by Elder Bednar and Elder Holland so far. They are absolutely incredible. Something that Elder Bednar said that I really liked was that the best way to prepare for a mission was to become a missionary not just merely "go on a mission." Obviously it is a life long process and we must always strive to share the gospel, because of the hope and joy that it brings us! I am always amazed here at the love the Savior sheds upon us, and how much I have felt the pure love of Christ, it is truly amazing! (Moroni 7:45, I think) But I am constantly edified everyday by the Spirit that is the supreme teacher here. I learned a lot of cool things about faith here its amazing how much power comes in wanting to believe something, believing it, knowing that it is true, and then acting upon the knowledge which the Holy Ghost has given us! Its truly a blessing. I had some incredible experiences this week that are very precious to me. Last Tuesday we had another District meeting thing after the Devotional. The Spirit was literally poured out upon myself and the other Elders in the room. I think I understand now the words of Paul when he said, "covet to prophesy." It was a very special experience that I will not forget, partly because I have been writing it in my journal! Oh the new District Leader is the Elder who I have become really close with, Elder Brook. I think I have talked a little about him, but he is a great example to me of enduring the hard times, and following the Spirit at whatever the cost. He was baptized a year and a half ago, when he was 19 yrs old. He had been investigating for about two years but his parents never approved of his desire to be baptized, because they are not religious at all. He basically took a leap of faith by being baptized, and when he told his parents he finally wanted to be they said they thought they had failed in raising him. He said that was the hardest day of his life but the Spirit told him constantly that that was the decision he needed to make. I respect him so much for pushing through those hard times. His family still isn't very supportive but they are coming around. He lets me read letters from his mom from time to time and she says that his new found religious zeal has caused he to contemplate what she believes in. He said that that is a huge step for her in his eyes. He truly has made major decisions in his life based solely on faith and the Spirit, it is a great example to all who know him, and I have the deepest respect and love for him. His story almost exactly resembles the story of Mom and Dad, except for a few minor differences. It makes me appreciate ny parents more than I ever had, as I am beginning to understand the leap of faith that my Dad took by joining the church, and the humble but stunning example my mother has set for generations to come, by staying faithful to the beautiful Spirit that is in her. I love my parents and my family more than anything, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to give other people the Gospel of hope that is my foundation and strength, even Jesus Christ. I want everyone's family to be together forever with their Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ and I couldn't be more grateful to get that opportunity at the ripe young age of 19. I know I made the decision to serve a mission long before this earth, and I committed to do all in my power to invite others to come unto Christ, through His restored and true Gospel! I am fufilling my preordination (Abraham 2:8-9) and I have the Spirit to testify to my soul that that is true! I love you all, I continue to do amazing and rely on God to help me through everything, as I put in my strongest effort. I pray for all my family and friends everynight and day and I hope you feel that!

Elder Passantino

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